What is Sandyford Smarter Travel?

Sandyford Smarter Travel is about you personally and your travel choices in and out of the Sandyford Business District. For some, commuting by car in and out of the Sandyford area may be a necessity because they don’t have immediately accessible or reliable alternatives.

For most people, there are choices …

Check out your Sustainable Travel Options and download an area map here.

Mobility Management

How people travel costs them and their organisations time and money. Apart from roads infrastructure, the issue of ‘Mobility Management’ is very important in terms of accessibility for staff, clients, customers and business partners as well as goods inwards and outwards. Mobility Management Planning forms a key element of the Sandyford Urban Framework Plan designed to promote business in this area.

Did you need the car today?

Smarter Travel isn’t something that happens to you. It’s something everyone does collectively for themselves, helped by transport initiatives and area wide planning.

Try to leave your car at home for at least some journeys every week. It could be as simple as walking or cycling whenever you can, choosing the Bus, Luas or DART to work a couple of times a week or carsharing with colleagues to and from work.

What you do can make a difference, and we can all make a difference together.


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