July 2018 Bracken Road Link Part 8

In accordance with Part 8, Article 81 of the Planning and Development Regulations, 2001 (as Amended), Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council proposes to construct the Bracken Link Road Scheme.

The proposed Scheme is in accordance with the County Development Plan 2016-2022 and with the Sandyford Urban Framework Plan and includes the following works …

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July 2015 – Leopardstown Link Road Contract – Traffic Information

As part of the upgrade of the Leopardstown Roundabout, there will be a new road layout on Leopardstown Road East from July 22, 2015

The new Leopardstown Link Road will be opened providing access to:

  • Leopardstown Race Course;
  • Leopardstown Park Hospital; and
  • South County Business Park

The existing access to South County Business Park and Leopardstown Park Hospital off Leopardstown Roundabout will be closed as will the existing access to Leopardstown Race Course.

Traffic accessing the New Link Road from Leopardstown Road East/N11 will:

  • Turn left at the new traffic lights

Traffic accessing the New Link Road from Brewery Road will:

  • Take the first exit on Leopardstown Roundabout
  • Turn right at the new traffic lights

Traffic accessing the New Link Road from Burton Hall Road will:

  • Take the second exit on Leopardstown Roundabout
  • Turn right at the new traffic lights

Traffic accessing the New Link Road from Leopardstown Road West/M50 will:

  • Take the third exit on Leopardstown Roundabout
  • Turn right at the new traffic lights

With the exception of closing the access/egress to South County Business Park & Leopardstown Park Hospital the Leopardstown Roundabout will operate as normal.

See sketch below.


March 2014 – New Junction for Leopardstown Roundabout Approved

The Leopardstown Roundabout and Link Road has been approved for development by An Bord Pleanala and works are due to commence in June 2014. Employees in the South County Business Park will notice some tree felling and other accommodation works being carried out within the area in advance of construction.

During the construction works an effective construction management plan and traffic management plan will be implemented by the contractor and supervised by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council during each phase of the road development to ensure that the impact of the construction on people working and visiting the area will be minimised. The new scheme will see the replacement of the existing roundabout with a signalised crossroads with the aim of improving traffic flow into and out of the district.

The scheme consists of the following elements:

a)      The update of the existing Leopardstown Road/Brewery Road Roundabout into a 4-arm signal controlled junction;

b)      The amalgamation of the existing entrances to Leopardstown Racecourse, South County Business Park and Leopardstown Park Hospital, via the new single junction further east along Leopardstown Road;

c)      Retention of part of the existing South County Business Park access road as an exit only onto Leopardstown Road (west);

d)      The construction of high quality pedestrian and cycle facilities on all affected roads;

e)      The provision of a public park around the drainage attenuation as a landscape feature;

f)       Landscaping and boundary treatment alog the length of the scheme where existing bourdaries are affected, and;

g)      Traffic cameras at the two principal junctions (Brewery Road/Leopardstown Road and Leopardstown Road/New Link Road) to allow active monitoring of traffic at these locations.

Jan 2014 – Burton Hall Road Extension Completed

The extension to Burton Hall Road, from its junction with Blackthorn Avenue through to Leopardstown Road, opened in January 2014. This new entrance and exit from Sandyford onto the Leopardstown Road alleviates traffic congestion particularly during peak times reducing travel times for commuters. The project involved the construction of 0.2km of road including cycle tracks, upgraded footpaths, installation of a signal controlled junction at Leopardstown Road, new 450mm diameter foul sewer, upgrade to watermains, landscaping, public lighting, road drainage, road markings and signage.

Dec 2013 – Comprehensive Cycle Network Plan published

Plan to increase region’s cycle network 5-fold in length, to 2,840 kilometres

Ambition for cycle network in 2021 to carry as many commuters as now take the bus – a three-fold increase

The National Transport Authority has today (April, 10) published its Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan, which sets out a ten year strategy for Counties Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow. The draft proposals were subject to a Public Consultation last September and October, which was advertised in the national media, and which resulted in 123 submissions from stakeholders and the general public.

The cycle network outlined in the Plan will treble the existing network in urban areas from 500 kilometres to 1,485 kilometres in length, and will provide over 1,300 kilometres of new connections between towns in the rural areas of the Greater Dublin Area. In all, a network of 2,840 kilometres is envisaged compared to today’s 500 kilometres. The planned network, which consists of primary and secondary routes as well as Greenway routes (through parks, along waterways etc), comprises a mix of cycle tracks and lanes, cycleways and infrastructure-free cycle routes in low traffic environments.

The urban network is intended to attract new cyclists, as well as catering for the increasing numbers of existing city-cyclists. In this regard, the network will be designed to the appropriate quality, with the busiest routes and sections having the highest Quality of Service. In some cases, this will involve re-visiting and upgrading the current provision for cyclists to a higher quality.

The network incorporates existing cycle routes such as the Grand Canal Cycle Scheme, but also proposes significant new routes, such as the off-road Dodder Route, connecting Tallaght to the South City Centre Business District.

The network has been devised following a comprehensive study of the location and condition of existing facilities, and of the patterns of travel shown in census data and household surveys. A special cycling demand model was created for the main urban area of Dublin to assess the future demand in the busiest areas.

Announcing the Plan, Gerry Murphy, Chief Executive of the National Transport Authority said: “There has been a significant increase in the number of people cycling in Dublin in the past few years. We want that to continue, and we have devised this integrated, long-term and diverse Plan to support that continued increase.

“With the bike-to-work scheme, the extension of Dublin Bikes, our own new Cycle Planner App and greater integration with bus, train stations and Luas stops, it is our vision to have as many people cycling into the city every morning in 2021 as currently take the bus. This is hugely ambitious but I believe it can be done.

In short, this represents a new transport network for the Greater Dublin Area, with a target in 2021 of 75,000 cycle users each morning, which is a three-fold increase in cycling over 2011 levels. In other words, the cycle network could carry as many commuters in the morning in 2021 as are now carried by bus.

This plan will inform the next decade of NTA investment in cycling across seven local authority areas in the region. It is the most comprehensive study of cycling needs ever carried out in Ireland and aims to satisfy the increasing demand for appropriate cycling routes. We will build on the resurgence in cycling by better meeting cyclists’ needs. ”

For full information see the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan on our website.

Nov 2013 – ESB Link Road and Link to Arena Road – Part 8 Public Consultation

Proposed Road Development – ESB Link Road and Link to Arena Road



Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as Amended)
Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as Amended)
Proposed Road Development.
ESB Link Road & Link to Arena Road


ESB Link Road and Link to Arena Road – Copy of Part 8

In accordance with Part 8, Article 81 of the Planning and Development Regulations, 2001 (as Amended), Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council hereby gives notice of a proposal to construct the ESB Link Road & Link to Arena Road from the roundabout at M50 junction 14 to Blackthorn Road.

The proposal consists of:

  • The construction of approximately 350 metres of single two-lane carriageway road with a central island, a northbound bus lane, cycle tracks, verges, footpaths, public lighting, road drainage and signage.
  • A new signalised controlled junction at the tie-in point to the existing network at Blackthorn Road
  • A new signalised controlled junction to replace the signalised roundabout at M50 junction 14.
  • A link from the proposed ESB Link Road to Arena Road providing a further 145 metres length of new single carriageway.
  • The provision of new pedestrian and cycle crossings.
  • Improvements will also be made to the existing Blackthorn Road at the approaches to the new junction.

In accordance with S.I. 476, 2011, Section 250, Planning and Development (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations, 2011, the Council has determined that an Appropriate Assessment is not required.

Plans and particulars of the proposed development are available for inspection fromWednesday 20th November 2013 up to and including Friday 17th January 2014, at the Planning Department, County Hall, Marine Road, Dún Laoghaire between 10.00am and 4.00pm and at the Council Offices, Dundrum Office Park, Dundrum between the hours of 9.30am to 12.30 pm and 1.30pm to 4.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

A copy of the proposed Part 8 may also be viewed on the County Council’s website at www.dlrcoco.ie

ESB Link Road and Link to Arena Road – Copy of Part 8

Council staff familiar with the development will be available to answer questions at Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Offices, Dundrum Office Park, Dundrum onWednesday 11th and Thursday 12th December 2013 between 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm.

Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and development of the area, may be made in writing on orbefore Friday 31st January 2014.

Declan McCulloch
Senior Executive Officer
Planning Department
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
County Hall, Marine Road
Dún Laoghaire
Co. Dublin

20th November 2013


June 2013 – National Journey Planner now available to Windows smartphone users in the Windows Store

The National Transport Authority has launched its popular National Journey Planner App in the Windows Store, so that Windows phone users can readily avail of its clever trip planning functions while on the move.

Launched on iPhones and Androids in 2012, the National Journey Planner App has been downloaded over 185,000 times.  Every month, it handles some 3 million requests  for information, including some 75,000 trip requests.

The National Journey Planner helps people to plan journeys, door-to-door, anywhere in Ireland, using public transport.  The Planner is GPS-enabled.  It covers bus, rail, tram, taxis, ferries and walking – over 120 operators – with real-time departure information for buses, fully mapped-out route information, printable timetables and details of overall journey times – all in one place. Northern Ireland services are also included.

For more information on Public Transport in Ireland or to use a Route Planner please visit www.transportforireland.ie

December 2012 – Sandyford Traffic Management

As part of Sandyford Smarter Travel and arising from proposals in the Sandyford Urban Framework Plan 2010-2016, a numbers of infrastructure projects have been completed in the Sandyford Business District:

  • Blackthorn Road is now 2-way from Burton Hall Road to Blackthorn Avenue.
  • Traffic signals, with improved pedestrians and cycle facilities, have been provided at two junctions; Blackthorn Road / Burton Hall Road and Blackthorn Road / Blackthorn Avenue.
  • Improved pedestrians facilities have been provided across Blackthorn Avenue at the Sandyford and Stillorgan Luas Stops.
  • Traffic Signal sequencing has been modified at the junction of Blackthorn Avenue/ Stillorgan Luas stop to facilitate improved traffic flows to and from Kilmacud Road Upper.
  • New cycle lane and cycle tracks have been provided along Blackthorn Avenue linking the Sandyford Greenway (new mainly off-road pedestrian and cycle route between Leopardstown Road and the Sandyford Luas Stop) and Benildus Avenue.
  • Footway upgrades along Blackthorn Avenue and Blackthorn Road.
  • Removal of the bus gate on Carmanhall Road to allow through traffic in each direction on Carmanhall Road near Dunne’s Stores
  • Provision of new road surfacing on Blackthorn Road and Blackthorn Avenue.

The main aim of these works was to improve circulation and permeability within the Sandyford Business District for all road users and to create a more friendly environment for cyclists and pedestrians, as per the Objectives TAM6 and TAM7 of the Sandyford Urban Framework Plan. The proposed works will also help reduce traffic speeds on roads in the area and will provided improved access routes to the Luas and Bus stops for those living and working in the area.

As part of the works, a map was also produced showing alternative exit routes from the Sandyford Business District during peak travel times.