Sustainable Car Use

Sustainable Car Use

Did you need the car today?

For some people working in the Sandyford Business District, the car is their only realistic option due to where they live or due to family commitments.

Many people commute to work in their cars out of habit. It can be hard to get out of the car, even though you’re often stuck in traffic.

Try leaving the car at home for at least some journeys every week.

The true cost of owning, insuring, taxing and maintaining a car is generally not recognised and as such many drivers can be under the impression that public transport is more expensive than using the car. It’s not.


Lots of people around Sandyford already share lifts to and from work with colleagues. It also helps to reduce traffic. A number of car sharing schemes have been set up by companies in Sandyford.

There’s also a free website that helps people to link up and share lifts at

Carsharing is when there’s more than one occupant in a private car.

It allows people to benefit from using the car, while alleviating the associated problems of congestion and pollution.

Carsharing can halve the fuel used to get one employee to work and reduce costs accordingly. It provides a more relaxed and less stressful journey. Carsharing can also be flexible with people choosing if they want to be the driver, passenger, or exchange the job on different days.

Park and Ride

Park and Ride sites are planned for various locations along the Green Luas line that will allow commuters complete the remainder of the journey by a Luas There are currently park and rides areas in the Sandyford Business District, at or near existing luas stops.

Electric Vehicles

Long term economic and environmental factors are the top reasons for considering electric-powered alternatives to vehicles that run on conventional fuels such as gasoline, propane and diesel. Electric Vehicles emit zero emissions EVs and so are cleaner for the environment and better for everyone’s respiratory health.